British tourist blamed sexual assault on Indian tourists

(Shivam Dubey)

British tourist accused of sexually assaulting in migrant tower lift on an Indian tourist in Dubai. The 24-year-old Indian activist has been charged by the Dubai Court of First Instance. Prosecutor accused the 35-year-old woman of touching unnecessarily

Khaleej Times said on behalf of the victim, “This incident is about 4: 40 in the evening. I was going to do yoga at the 37th floor in the gym. An Asian man was in the elevator with me. There were only two of us in it. He stood close to me in a way to touch me. I was getting away but she did not remove me from my left side. “The victim told the government prosecutor,” he landed on the 34th floor and when I reached the 37th floor, I found her semen marks on my clothes Were.”

The camera records was investigated on the sexual exploitation of the victim by giving information to the security personnel. There was no camera in the elevator but it was identified at the time of going to lift. A police officer said that he arrested the suspect on the same place on next day. The police said, “During the interrogation, he admitted that he went very close to the woman with the intention of touching her.”

According to the report, women’s clothes have been seized. DNA marks of the accused have been found on tourist clothes. Decision will be pronounced on 25th February. Indian workers have denied allegations in court.

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