BJP leader adopts six students from Malad Madarssa

Mumbai: Haji Haider Azam, Chairman of Maulana Azad Minorities Financial Development Corporation and Vice President of Bharatiya Janta party Mumbai city unit, has adopted six kids from a madarssa in Malad.

According to press reports these students are hafiz and have cleared their SSC examination and Haider Azam would be funding for their future education.

Haider Azam has performed Haj for four times including the latest in the last month. He also attened the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Vijayadashami celebration in full RSS uniform, to the surprise of many.

He was felicitated at a function at the Noor Meher Charitable Trust’s Madarssa Jamia Tajwidul Quran and Noor Meher School located in Malad area on Friday last. To the applause of the audience Azam announced his decision to adopt six students.

“I am adopting these six students who are hafiz and have passed SSC examination. We will fund their education”, he said.

A Hafiz is the one who has memorized the Quran. The condition for admission to this madarssa and school is that every student has to become a hafiz and also appear for the SSC examination and clear it.

Syed Ali runs this madarssa. He said that this is the sixth batch. So far 42 students from this madarssa have cleared the SSC examination. Earlier, MLA Aslam Shaikh ad adopted one student in the first batch. But this is first time someone has adopted all six students in a batch, he said.

Haider Azam said that he would manage to finance the future edcation and find a way to get scholarship to them.

About his participation in RSS function in uniform, he said that some RSS functionaries had invited him and he decided to participate. That does not mean I have joined RSS, he clarified.

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