Best from waste: Pune transforms old buses into sanitation centres for women’s health and hygiene

Filthy and stinking places, ill maintained public toilets are a menace for people and more so for women. Even in urgent situations, many prefer to refrain from entering the unhygienic space which promises nothing but foul smells and uncomfortable situation.

Two entrepreneurs Ulka Sadalkar and Rajeev Khare working in the sanitation sector of Pune, pulled in this idea of converting an old bus into a public toilet. The idea was dropped in as the homeless people in the city used the buses as restrooms. Replicating the idea for women the city, the two entrepreneurs dragged in those ideas of buses giving thrust to Swachh Bharat movement and also for Pune’s Smart City initiative. The city is densely populated. There isn’t space to construct toilets. Buses wouldn’t need much space and could be refurbished.

The main highlight of this unique idea is that each bus inherits a western toilet, indian toilet, washbasins, a diaper changing place and sanitary napkin for sale. It is also powered by solar energy. Ensuring that women safety, the municipal corporation hasn’t received any complaint or poor feedback since it’s launch in 2016. Currently there are almost 11 such health centres installed in various places of Pune. The department has specially targeted the lower income class because those women are the one’s who need this toilet the most.

Ulka Sadalkar said that in a brainstorming session with the Pune Municipal corporation, they decided to recycle the old, scrapped buses into toilets for women. Women need this as they may face emergency any time urgently. Therefore they have tried up installing these santitation centres where public toilets are scarce.

The well-lit, well-maintained and fully-equipped toilets promise to go beyond your typical idea of public toilets and help you answer the call of nature safely and without compromising on hygiene.

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