Best buddies gossip..! China lauds Pakistan’s restraint amid tensions with India..!

Gracefully stating that India and Pakistan are both important to the nation, China welcomed Pakistan’s move of restraint and willingness to talk to India easing tensions between the two nations after the Pulwama Terror Attack in Kashmir last month.

At the invitation of the Pakistani side, Vice Foreign Minister Kong Xuanyou today visited Pakistan, exchanging views with the Pakistani side on the situation between India and Pakistan. “Beijing and Islamabad were all weather strategic partners and that they have always supported each other”, China’s Foreign Ministry cleared in a statement on Thursday.

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His mission being to communicate with the Pakistan side ahead of the tensions between India and Pakistan, China is committed to safeguarding regional peace and stability and hopes to see its two good friends India and Pakistan on good neighbourly terms, the statement added.

“China welcomes the progress as stated by Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry which will help ease and improve the regional situation. We have said many times that Pakistan and India are permanent neighbors. Their harmonious co-existence serves the fundamental interests of the two sides and regional peace and stability”, Chinese spokesperson Lu Kang said in relation.

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Concerning the query of breeding ground of terrorism, a topic at the China-Russia-India foreign ministers’ meeting, Kang said that, “It has been an important and consistent view and belief of China that there are complicated factors underlying the birth of terrorism. And we believe that to eradicate terrorism, we need to treat both symptoms and root causes”.

China is in close contact with both India and Pakistan on the current situation to facilitate reconciliation and dialogue, Kang signed off the issue.

Pakistan is facing pressure from global powers to act against groups carrying out attacks in India, including Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM), which claimed responsibility for the Pulwama Attack in India. The incident led to the most serious conflict in years between the nuclear-armed neighbours, with cross-border air strikes and a tough fight over the skies of Kashmir.


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