Ban on e-cigarettes to protect youth from new forms of intoxication: Prime Minister Modi

In his first comment about the ban on e-cigarettes and the health hazards associated with it, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday appealed to people to quit tobacco addiction and said that “e-cigarettes” to protect youth in a new way of drug addiction Has been banned. The Union Cabinet had this month banned the sale, production and storage of e-cigarettes through an ordinance. The ordinance will be converted into a bill in the upcoming session of Parliament.

The Prime Minister, in his address on the program ‘Mann Ki Baat’ aired on AIR, also said that the misconception about e-cigarettes has been spread that there is no danger.He said that like normal or traditional cigarettes, it (e-cigarette) does not spread foul smell because it contains chemicals that produce fragrance. But these chemicals are harmful and are dangerous for health.

The Prime Minister said, “Do not make any misconceptions about e-cigarettes.”Referring to the ban on e-cigarettes, he said that the discussion will continue, support and opposition will also continue. But if something is stopped before it spreads rapidly, then there is a big benefit.

He said, “… e-cigarettes have been banned because this new method of intoxication cannot destroy our young country. It should not overwhelm any family’s dreams. Do not waste children’s life. This addiction, this habit could not be embedded in the society. ”

Modi said, “There is no confusion about the harm caused by cigarettes.” It causes harm. The smoker and the seller know what causes it. “”But the case of e-cigarettes is completely different,” he said. People have very little awareness about e-cigarettes. They are also completely unaware of its danger and for this reason sometimes e-cigarettes become addictive due to curiosity. ”

The Prime Minister appealed to people to quit tobacco addiction and warned that e-cigarettes are a new way of addiction to nicotine.He said, “As soon as a magic show is going on, children sometimes smoke out in their parents’ presence without burning cigarettes or lighting matchsticks.”

He said, “Family members react with applause. There is no awareness. There is no information… our teenagers or our youth… are going under the grip of this drug. ”The Prime Minister said that by heating nicotine-containing liquids in e-cigarettes different from normal cigarettes, a type of chemical-rich smoke is created. It contains harmful chemicals and people are not aware of this.

He said that tobacco users are at a very high risk of diseases like cancer, diabetes, blood pressure. Everyone says that this is due to the nicotine present in it. The brain is also affected by its intake in adolescence.He said, “Come, let us all together build a healthy India. ”

The government banned the production, import and sale of e-cigarettes and similar products on 18 September. This step was taken by referring to the health hazards of the people, especially the youth.There is a provision of imprisonment of up to six months on the storage of e-cigarettes or a fine of up to Rs 50,000 or both punishments simultaneously. The ordinance was issued on 19 September in this regard.

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