Assisting Sri Lanka with Emergency Ambulance Service, India marks another major achievement in strengthening relations

Emphasizing on India’s relation with Sri Lanka, Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned the relationship with the country as one of the most significant and trusted partners of India in South Asia and in the Indian Ocean. The development cooperation with Sri Lanka has become an important means for translating India’s vision of shared progress into reality. Extending a helping hand with providing assistance by the expansion of Emergency Ambulance Service over the entire island in Sri Lanka, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the event over live video conferencing. Exemplifying the partnership between both the countries, PM Modi expressed happiness on the National Emergency Ambulance service is being extended all over Sri Lanka.

This event marks another major achievement in the development partnership of India and Sri Lanka. Prime Minister Wickremesinghe had talked to PM Modi during his visit to Sri Lanka in 2015 about establishing such a system in Sri Lanka. Expressing gratitude PM Modi said that this initiative has marked the beginning of the second phase of the Service with India completing its promise in a timely manner.

Associating the marking of the second phase of the service, PM Modi added that the people associated with this service have been trained in India. The required skills and the local employment will also receive a boost. The phase of expansion begins in the Northern Province and India is happy to work together with Sri Lanka for wiping tears from the past and ushering in a bright future.

India and Sri Lanka have stood together through tough times and India considers it as a privilege that it is Sri Lanka’s partner in establishing this first responder service and in its expansion. Being leaders of two democracies with wide diversity, PM Modi and PM Wickremesinghe believe in delivering benefits of development to all sections of the society.

Urging the people of both the countries to connect with each other, PM Modi encouraged the people to visit India and be in constant touch with each other that would strengthen the relation and friendship between both the nations.
PM Modi also uttered his happiness on PM Wickremesinghe of Sri Lanka visiting India in early August and also said that the Prime Minister is looking forward for an exemplary meeting coming their way.

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