Another twist in Kerala Nun Rape Case; Mother Superior General of the Church urge police for additional security of nuns

With many twists and turns making rounds over the Kerala Nun Rape Case, security of the nuns have become an important necessity. In a latest development, the Mother Superior General has written a letter to the police suggesting to provide additional security to the complainants and survivor nuns.

In a letter written to the police, the Mother Superior General of the convent, Sister Regina, has said that it would be ideal to shift the survivor and the witness nuns to a secure government facility, as the convent would not be able to provide additional security for them.

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The issue dates back to October 27, 2018, when the Kuruvilangad sub-inspector wrote to Sister Regina, asking her to increase security measures at the convent. In his letter, the officer added a list of security measures and spoke about the death of Father Kuriakose in Jalandhar.

“Under this circumstance where controversies surrounding the death of the main witness of the case Fr Kuriakose of Jalandhar diocese have been circulating, upgrading the security of the survivor, the witnesses and the St Francis Mission home is an immediate requirement,” the letter said.

The requirements included CCTV cameras in the entry and exit gates, street lights from the main road leading up to the convent, grills over wells, proper lighting in the terrace and cutting of big trees in the compound, so branches won’t block vision.

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The officer also asked the convent to give a spa have a separate cook for the six nuns. Within three days, the Mother Superior General, responded statinre key of the exit door to the survivor, to maintain a registry with all details of the resident,s and tog that the convent did not have the ‘financial capabilities’ or the power to execute these arrangements.

“It is of utmost necessity to ensure the privacy, security of the nuns and other residents of the mission home and provide them with a tranquil environment. The convent does not possess the financial capacity and power to carry out the measures you have listed out for the additional security of the survivor nuns and the witnesses. Some of the security measures listed in the letter will also affect the day to day working of the mission home, the privacy as well as safety of the nuns and other residents of the home.”

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Adding that the security of the survivor nun and the witnesses was of utmost importance, Sister Regina said, “If you think there is a threat to the complainant and the other nuns who are witnesses in this case, I believe it would be ideal to shift them to a secure government facility to ensure their safety. I hereby grant permission to shift the nuns to a more secure place to ensure their safety, after consulting them and receiving a court sanction.”

On November 21, the Kuruvilangad police conveyed Sister Regina’s reply to the survivor nun and requested her to respond to the same.


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