Ahmadabad court to hear Reliance defamation suit against The Wire today

The Ahmedabad City Civil Court will be hearing the defamation suit filed against newsportal ‘The Wire’ by Reliance Company for spreading falsehood and maligning the company’s image in respect of the Rafael fighter jet deal.

Reliance owned by Anil Ambani has slapped Rs 6000 crore defamation suit against the news portal for publishing a derogatory article against the company.

Reliance filed Rs 6000 crore defamation suit against the ‘Wire’ for misleading information about Rafael deal. Today is a first hearing of this case in Ahmadabad City Civil Court.

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The ‘Wire’ is left propaganda media outlet which broadcasted interview ‘Rafael Deal: Understanding the Controversy’ on August 23, 2018. This interview stated some controversial and misleading information about Reliance’s engagement in Rafael deal.

Due to this misleading information, Anil Ambani and Reliance filed the defamation case against speaker in this interview, M. K. Venu, founding director of the ‘Wire’, Ajai Shukla, Defence Journalist and Asst. Prof. Happymon Jacob, Jawaharlal Nehru University.

Already one defamation case of Reliance against another media house is in the proceedings.

The Reliance stated that the report appeared on the site of ‘The Wire’ was “wholly incorrect and misleading information published with a deliberate, pre-determined motive to harm and injure the reputation of company and Anil Ambani personally”.

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