A lady of fifty, been Looted of millions, in Fortis Hospital Kalyan

A thieves looted ornaments worth lakhs of rupees from a senior woman who came to the X-Ray in Fortis Hospital kalyan, famous for her security arrangements. After this incident, the question of security of the Fortis Hospital has been arisen.

According to information received from the police, A fifth-year-old woman named Kamladevi Singh went to Fortis Hospital for her X-ray on Wednesday afternoon. In the hospital premises, The lady got a man who called himself the chief of X-ray department and went to the X-ray theater with the lady. On the excuse to take X-ray, the said person asked Kamla Devi  to remove all ornaments, and the lady does accordingly,

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After which the person left from there. When the person did not come back for a long time, Kamladevi was suspicious. When Kamladevi and her husband Gorakh Singh gave information to the hospital managers, they came to know that the person went with Kamladevi in ​​the X-ray theater saying that he is the relative of Kamladevi.

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Kamladevi’s husband Gorakhnath is a Retired Navy Officer. As soon as the information was received, the senior police inspector of the police Yashwantrao Chavan reached Hospital. The police is investigating the CC TV footage of the hospital premises to find the accused.

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Surprisingly, millions of ornaments worth lakhs of rupees are taken from a patient in a high-security hospital like Fortis, and the hospital manager is busy ducking his feet. This incident has also questioned the reliability of hospital like Fortis. Significantly, Fortis Hospital is infamous for recovering huge fees from its patients. Now after this incident, the goon’s  panic has been revealed in Fortis Hospital premises.

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