84 flights of various airlines at Shirdi airport were canceled

Since November 14, operators have had to “halt” all flights due to low visibility at Shirdi Airport in Maharashtra. Due to this, about 84 flights of various airlines have been canceled.

Shirdi Airport Director Deepak Shastri told, “We are not able to operate the flights due to low visibility. At present, 14 flights operate from Shirdi Airport. But in the last six days, we canceled all due to visibility.

Commercial flights from Shirdi Airport commenced in October 2018 and currently, 14 flights operate from here to various locations.

He said that the visibility of 5,000 meters is necessary for the movement of aircraft at the airport, but at this time the visibility is not more than 2000 meters. Therefore, flights have not been operated since 14 November.

He further added, “At this time all the operators have been stopped and we cannot start operations before the visibility improves.”

He said that the airport does not have a night landing facility at this time, but work on it is going on and by the end of this year, night landing may be available here.

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